Audio Production

~ Cozy Creative Recording Studio

AKG 414 Mic ~ Mixing & Mastering
~ Music Production & Movie Composition

~ Live Light Show Engineering & Production
~ Live Sound F.O.H. Mixing Engineers
~ Professional In House Studio Musicians
~ DJ/Party Services
~ PA/Lighting Service & Rentals
~ Corporate Events/Event Planning
~ Local Crew (Clear Channel Entertainment)
~ Rehearsal Space with Full Amenities
~ Drum/Production Tech




~Top Quality Microphones and Pre Amps
~A Cozy Creative Environment
~Acoustically Treated Live Room with Vocal Isolation Booth

~2 Amp Cabinet Isolation Chambers
~Multi Platinum Executive Producer -T “Money” Green
~Instrumental Music/Beat Production
(REASON 4) , MIDI Sequencing
~Bookings Available Any Time Day or Night


Our NETWORK DATABASE  Includes Hundreds of Local Musicians, Producers, Artists and Entertainers to Help Get People Working Together.

Hyped International Records LogoStephen in the Vocal Booth